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Transition Instructions regarding the revised edition of ISO 22000:2018 Standard

ISO 22000:2018 - Transition Instructions

The 2018 version of ISO 22000 was published on June 19 2018. With this release, ISO 22000:2005 will be withdrawn. Companies certified to the ISO 22000:2005 standard have to transition their certificate to ISO 22000:2018, and there is a 3-year transition period until June 29 2021 according to IAF resolution 2018-15. We recommend to start the transition preparations already now.

The aim of the ISO 22000 is to harmonize the requirements for food safety management on a global level. The standard contributes to ensure food safety throughout the whole food chain from farm-to table. The standard does not state specific criteria for Food Safety Performance, nor is it prescriptive about the design of a management system.

Recommended steps for the transition:

• Get to know the content and requirements of ISO 22000:2018. The standard is available for purchase from ISO and possibly from your national standards provider. If you are a current user of ISO 22000:2005 you should focus on the changes in requirements.

• Ensure that relevant personnel in your organization is trained and understand the requirements and key changes.

• Identify gaps which need to be addressed to meet the new requirements and establish an implementation plan. Implement actions and update your management system to meet the new requirements.

• Evaluate the effectiveness of implementation through internal audits and define further actions where needed.

How can BQC support the transition?

BQC through a series of actions can support you as follows:

• Provision of training programs (open or in-house), where you will be trained in detail about the requirements of the new version, the changes in relation to ISO 22000:2005, the process and steps of transition

• Transition audits to the new version.

BQC inspectors are highly trained in the new requirements and ready to support you in your needs.